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  1. I'd like to use ♥ as a unicode character without the emoji carnivorously eating it and displaying the red heart emoji. Any tips?
  2. Can't we all just block the clown and go on with it?
  3. Season’s meetings to you
  4. See y'all in RSS
  5. Apple Watch telling me not to cheer so loud for my kids and I don’t appreciate it
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  6. One of my most memorable coding experiences was on a chalkboard with squares for variables zachlieberman/1586350067543572481
  7. I think my favorite thing (so far) is the basketball video on the about page. danmall always keeping it real! danmall/1585364657753100289
  8. Becoming a parent has given me great practice saying no as a complete sentence
  9. TIL: Liquid has color some pretty great color filters blog.avada.io/shopify/devdocs/liquid-color-filters.html
  10. Depth perception is switching between beginner and expert eyes to solve a problem
  11. Reminder: come up with a plan to vote!
  12. We named the 15' ghoul in our neighborhood Gary. Much less scary now, Gary.
  13. oh you know, just climbing DOM trees
  14. css is the new js
  15. Why don’t they call it funderwear
  16. plz halp, i might be addicted to testing my code
  17. I've been using Cypress_io locally for some time, but finally got around to automating with github actions. danleatherman.com/cypress-testing-and-github-actions/
  18. Morsels of wisdom in todays edition. “Less, but better!” danmall/1580662357134807040
  19. Today I wrote some tests and made them pass
  20. I’m struggling a bit to understand the guard rails of web components. Are the possibilities literally endless? Everything feels very “bootstrap” to me. Is portability the ultimate goal?
  21. I don't even have time to play the game on my Netlify deploy screen anymore
  22. Is this going to be an ugly sonic situation?
  23. Feel like my account is an eleven_ty fan account now but I literally rebuilt my wife's website yesterday in 6 hours (she has an upcoming show) with modern images and full 💯 lighthouse scores so🤷🏻‍♂️ emilyleatherman.com/
  24. Truncation is not a content strategy
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  25. Added webmentions to my site this weekend with CodeFoodPixels eleven_ty plugin. So easy! github.com/CodeFoodPixels/eleventy-plugin-webmentions
  26. Did a 1mi repeat workout with my Apple Watch yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how to go from warmup into the 1mi repeats…I managed after 20 minutes but I have no idea how after trying various taps on the screen 🤡 #devswhorun
  27. Take to the WebC, scallawags! EleventyMeetup/1575466673179570178
  28. Either I am really slow or zachleat is an absolute genius at naming things. WebC = Web Sea // is-land = Island. On second thought, both things could be true.
  29. I think Rings of Power is about unions and Uncle Jeff is not the good guy
  30. If I have a git worktree in a subfolder, how can I avoid committing the subfolder?
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  31. Wait so did beanie babies ever end up worth anything?
  32. If you really think about it, your website is your own dynamic island
  33. Safari 16 is clutch
  34. Our building owner is refusing to address a mouse problem in multiple apartments. NYC renters, any advice besides documenting everything? Our cats both passed away during COVID, and we haven't had any problems in this apartment for 7 years.
  35. Who will be the first to put a dynamic is-land on their eleven_ty site? #AppleEvent
  36. I am played an arcade game now my back hurts years old
  37. Any other creative patterns you've seen? danleatherman/1562596936695558145
  38. Anyone else still do this? danleatherman/900770946113470466
  39. Looking for the best examples you’ve seen for revealing content (e.g. menu drawers, screen-side drawers, models, expanded sections) Can you think of any others?